Taylor Made

Deep Creek, MD

RevMax has been instrumental to our rate strategy success overall but especially during the up and down year that was 2020. Their continuous efforts have helped us recognize opportunities that led to increased length of stays and higher ADR. Always available and easy to work with, the RevMax team is a true asset to our business.
Jodi Taylor Refosco
Owner / Partner

Shore Details

Frisco, NC

We’ve been very “old school” in setting, adjusting and monitoring our rates and knew to stay competitive (and get ahead of the competition) we needed more. Already a big fan of Streamline RevMax was the natural path to take. Although I went into the new venture with some caution I quickly became excited. The training is hands on and very well planned and thanks to them we became more proficient each week. But a great team and patient training would mean nothing without results. With still two weeks left of our training the results are already becoming clear. In fact from the first “flip of the switch” results were immediate. RevMax has already shown us what it will do for the bottom line. owner confidence and our competitive edge. With RevMax we are filling the gaps and are always confident we’re booking every night for the highest rate the market will yield. Could not be more pleased, just one more way Streamline continues to impress.
Pam Stoffel

Pacific Villas

Oceanside, CA

For a small business that does not have a revenue manager in house, RevMax is the perfect solution. We started with their Boot Camp and were so satisfied at the end of our 3-month program that we decided to stay on as a full-time client. Being able to meet weekly with a knowledgeable member of their team as opposed to relying on an algorithm or pricing tool has helped to increase our ADR tremendously. With RevMax handling our pricing, I have time to focus on other aspects of our business so that we can continue to grow. Thank you, RevMax! - Lauren, Owner, Oceanside Properties
Lauren Aldrich

Pocono Mountain Rentals

Harmony, PA

I signed up with RevMax MD after being with Streamline for less than a year because I loved how their company was always looking forward, and I’m so glad I did. RevMax MD and their expert team of experienced revenue managers were able to fill the revenue void a business of my size could not do on our own. Their approach to revenue management is not just about the rates, it is a holistic view of what drives the rates and then offers solutions to solve the problems.
Greg Petrillo

Harris Properties

Gulf Shores, AL

We started using RevMax in 2018 and it has been successful! Desiree and her team are smart and dedicated. We know we needed to do something and we tried a lot of different options out on the market. Nothing worked better than having her team take an expert look at our portfolio and guide us through different strategies. The weekly meetings were always insightful and allowed us to take informed action. I could not recommend the use of RevMax service more strongly. They are great!
Brian Harris

Paradise Retreats

Santa Barbara, CA

Their Revenue Management services have been excellent. Our account manager's knowledge of the industry, combined with her mastery of the analytics, gives us "early warning" of potential revenue reductions.
Theo Kracke

Big Bear Vacations

Big Bear, CA

They are professional and patient, and very enjoyable to work with and have total integrity. They were truly interested in my business and the results we were getting. I would be happy to recommend them any time.
Nick Lanza

Prista Vacations

Myrtle Beach, SC

We have been very happy with the support and outcome of the Revenue Management services RevMax, this past year and would highly recommend this service to others.
Sharon Czeresko

Stay Sedona

Sedona, AZ

When I signed up for RevMax, I was not sure what to expect but I knew I wanted and needed some guidance. I had managed my own properties through a single ota and felt very comfortable doing so, knowing every decision I made was an opportunity to learn and improve upon the process. Finally, I decided it was time to take it to the next level and create a business and integrated with Streamline. I very quickly realized the power and endless possibilities which could be utilized through Streamline. All of a sudden I stepped into a new world, fun, exciting and so much to learn. At this time, I knew it was time to have support from industry experts and signed up for RevMax. This is the side of business I have always loved! Going through the RevMax training made me even more excited but at the same time made me realize there is a deeper level of understanding and knowledge to be gained. Week after week the things I was able to tap into was incredible, beyond words. As I gained invaluable information, I had more and more questions. There was approximately 2 weeks of the training left and I was beginning to feel disappointed it was already coming to an end, so many more questions and still so much to learn, I knew I had only scratched the surface as to where I wanted to take our property management company. Everybody on the RevMax team had so much to offer and brought different things to the table, they are a very well rounded supportive group. The RevMax team provides a wealth of information and constant support! Once I completed the training I wanted to move forward and continue to take a deep dive into everything that was being offered and also be made aware of the new things on the horizon. I have to say my expectations have been exceeded with every single meeting! Our company is small (for now) and this has allowed me to have somebody on my team to help with questions and implementations, while giving guidance and awesome suggestions! I cannot emphasize enough how much value this has added to our company. I strongly feel like it has and will continue to save me money from the perspective of having somebody to ask questions and knowing the guidance they give is cutting down on the learning curve tremendously, increasing our revenue and eliminating unnecessary expenditures. I would venture to say, whether you are brand new or a seasoned vetran, you will benefit from the utilization of RevMax!
Nicole Richards

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