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Revenue Management

Efficiency Tool Set Breakdown

Pricing Tapechart

Make modifications to units or groups by day, providing you the ability to pinpoint dates of opportunity and create a selling strategy that will optimize income potential.

Nightly Minimums

This tool allows you to make modifications to properties by day to either increase or decrease the night minimum requirement for an arrival on that night.

Lock Length of Stay

This function allows you to tie the rates for a unit directly to what you have set for each season and lock it so that it can only be modified by a change to the season rate.

B.I. Reporting

Gain true reporting clarity in your company’s revenue performance, occupancy, booking windows, rate history, and pacing. Make better decisions leveraging meaningful data.

Floor Pricing

Have homeowners that never want their rates to dip below a certain amount? No problem, with floor pricing you can set pricing limitations in-line with the property owner's expectations.

Yield Maps

Automate your pricing adjustments using our yield map technology. Create custom occupancy and booking window algorithm that automatically shifts pricing (training required).

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"RevMax has been instrumental to our rate strategy success overall but especially during the up and down year that was 2020. Their continuous efforts have helped us recognize opportunities that led to increased length of stays and higher ADR. "


Jodi Taylor Refosco


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