Advanced Strategies for Mastering Property Revenue Management

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RevMax and LSI Insights had already joined forces to bring you an extremely popular webinar titled “Revolutionize Your Property Management.” If you were captivated by the insights and tools revealed in this first installment, you won’t want to miss the next level of transformation in “Mastering Property Revenue Management 2.0.”

In this follow-up webinar we’ve taken a deeper dive into the realm of property management excellence. Building upon the foundational knowledge shared earlier, you will get advanced strategies that will propel your success to unparalleled heights.

Here is what you can expect when you push the play button to learn more about revenue management:

  • Discuss the goal of Revenue Management
  • Understand what “game” we are playing at different times of the year
  • Understand the role that market and company data plays in decision making
  • Learn what dynamic pricing is and the goal
  • Understand what dynamic pricing options RevMax offers
  • Learn how to build a quick comp set for your properties
  • Learn about the most used automations
  • Understand what you need to do next

Who is RevMax?

If you are new to RevMax, we are the most robust vacation rental Revenue Management Software on the market. We have specifically designed our products for vacation rentals and are fully integrated with the industry’s top property management systems. Our team of professionals include Revenue Managers, who are there to offer training and consulting​ to our clients.

What is Revenue Management?

When you are ready to start positioning your products for sale in the marketplace in a way that enables you to gain the greatest overall return, that is where RevMax (and revenue management) comes into play. Our goal is to help you match prices with supply and demand in a way that is efficient and automated. We help you gage your performance in the marketplace using ADR, occupancy, REVPAR, sales pace, and rental revenue.

What is LSI Insights?

When it comes to tools for market and business insights, there is no more user friendly tool than LSI Insights. Through their Market Insights tool, you have FREE access to compare your data to the aggregated market data. Business Insights and Guest Marketing are available as  premium paid features.

Advanced Strategies for Revenue Management

Now that you are ready to make data-driven decisions, you can dive into the world of pricing. Dynamic Pricing, Max Yield, Comp Set Pricing, Market Based Pricing, and Length of Stay Pricing are all options for you within RevMax.

You are Not Alone!

And not to worry… you don’t have to be a revenue management expert to start using these tools for success. We offer education, training, and support every step of the way. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your property management business to new heights.

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